What You Need to Know About the Role of A Computer Repair Technician

Ever since the Internet has come into existence, the use of computers, whether it be desktop or laptop, has become even more undeniably important. Like most machines, however, it is subject to wear and tear; which means that over time, you might realize that your computer has become sluggish and might not be as reliable as it once was. It is in cases like this that you would need the help of a computer repair technician.


The Computer Repair Work

Computer repair technicians in Philadelphia or anywhere else can generally be divided into two groups – hardware computer technician and software computer technician. As the name implies, the former is more concerned with repairs of computers and its tangible parts. This would typically include the motherboard and the power supply. In some cases, they also do repairs on printers and other peripherals. On the other hand, a computer technician who specializes in software repair typically works to ensure that the operating system has been installed properly and that there are no compatibility issues between other existing applications and programs. Generally, software providers have their own software computer technicians who can help users with the use of their applications.

Now, depending on whether they are working on hardware or software, a computer technician would need to have a few tools on hand. For software computer technicians, some of the tools that they should have in order to do their work would include a CPU benchmarking tool, network scanners, uninstallers, and driver backups. A hardware computer technician, on the other hand, would need to have screwdrivers of varying sizes as well as a line tester and a soldering gun.

A Day in the Life

Generally, a computer repair technician in Philadelphia is on-call. This means that they can get called to work by the client during any time of the day. If there are no clients that they need to head to, they usually man their store or service shop where other clients may drop off PCs and laptops for repair. In cases where the client may be located in a distant place, a computer technician may also do remote repair especially if the client’s concern has something to do with the computer’s software.

Depending on the nature of their business, a computer repair technician may also be called on to build computers from scratch. They usually make use of various parts in order to come up with a customized build.

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