PS4 Freezing? Try These before Seeking Out a Computer Repair Tech

The seventh generation of consoles has come and gone. Included in this new console generation is Sony’s PlayStation 4, which is designed to be for everyone. Certain circumstances, however, may not allow several PS4 owners to enjoy their new system the way it’s meant to be. Case in point: freezing, wherein the console powers up but fails to reach the interface while the blue light keeps on blinking.

A good number of PS4 owners have reported the same issue with their consoles, mainly while they’re installing some software—resulting into an absolute cease of activity. This has been brought up to various gaming sites such as IGN, which noted that since the system completely locks up, the main reason might be due to overheating; or if the freezing occurs within the menus, it may be caused by network interruptions.

If your PS4 is freezing, though, you can try a few things before sending it off to a local computer repair technician from companies in Philadelphia such as Scorpion Computers. One potential solution is pretty simple: try waiting it out. Since it’s possible that the freeze-up might be caused by a software issue, you can choose to wait until Sony releases a patch. If you don’t have the patience to wait for a patch, try leaving your stuck-up console for a few minutes and see if it eventually works—maybe the software just got a bit hung up from too much input and needs to gather itself.

Should the freezing commence after long periods of usage, then your system might be overheating. If you think this is the case, try moving your console somewhere with adequate ventilation and a smoother surface, ideally an open area. For all you know, maybe your PS4 simply needs some air. You can also try a fix that’s been somewhat of a recurring gag with electronic gadgets: try turning it off and back on again with a hard restart.

And if all else fails, you have no choice but to bring it to a trusty computer repair shop in Philadelphia or anywhere near you. By doing so, you save yourself from a lot of trouble. These simple tips may all be well and good as immediate response methods, but in the long haul, you’d want to make sure you don’t aggravate the damage of your console. It’s best to leave it in the hands of experts at a professional computer repair shop.


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