Philadelphia Computer Repair Experts Help Keep Your PCs Threat-free

Those who predicted the demise of the desktop and laptop a few years ago will find the latest figures surprising. First, recent data released by IBM showed that a large majority of online purchases in November and December of 2014 were done from either a desktop or a laptop. Such transactions made up 77% of total online sales, with the rest coming from smartphones and tablets.

Second, total PC sales for 2014 were up from 2013, with around 300 million portable PCs sold. Experts now see this trend to continue through 2015, especially with the introduction of fresh new features from noted PC makers like Dell, Lenovo, and ASUS. The MacBook Air also continues to see gains in sales, especially with the expected introduction of the MacBook Pro Retina screen in 2015.

The renewed interest in PCs, experts say, come mostly from businesses who still rely on this office staple for their employees’ needs; as well as from students who need their laptops for research and other schoolwork. Then, there are the regular consumers who, as recent figures show, still feel more comfortable making online transactions from their good old PCs than their smartphones.

Thus, locals should not be quick to get rid of their PCs at the first signs of a malfunction or problem. Instead, they should bring these to a reputable Philadelphia computer repair shop like Scorpion Computers who has the ability to restore this trusty equipment back to life.


PC Threats in 2015

While new PC and Mac features are expected to bolster sales of these units this year, computer experts are also warning against possible threats to these devices. Malware attacks, in particular, saw a significant rise in 2014, and has been the cause of many PC and Mac repairs done last year.

Moreover, hackers have found a way around existing anti-virus software by changing the code of existing malware to create new versions. A joint study by Kapersky Lab and B2B International showed that one in four Mac desktop users had a problem with malware in 2014.  Mac devices are not only vulnerable to malware, but also to phishing, which hackers use as a means to steal financial data and initiate identity theft.

At the first sign of a security threat on your PC or Mac, therefore, go to experts in PC or Mac repair in Philadelphia. As it appears PCs are here to stay, hackers and malicious entities will continue to find means of accessing data stored in them. Be on the lookout for threats, and work with repair experts to immediately get rid of them.

(Source: Mobile shopping may be growing, but old-school desktops are still king of online shopping, Washinton Post, January 5, 2015)


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