Philadelphia Cell Phone Repair Center Solves iPhone Software Woes

The most recent iOS 7.1.2 update from Apple hoped to fix some of the most pressing problems in the iPhone and iPad. Unfortunately, some users encountered even bigger problems as a result of the update. Wall Street OTC gives a quick rundown of the issues the iOS update was supposed to fix, as well as the software issues that persisted. To put it mildly, some Apple customers are now awaiting iOS 8 with great anticipation:

Update Problems

“Also it seems the iMessage problem that prevented users from receiving text messages when they switch from iPhone to a non-iOS device still continues.

The issues with battery life drain continues. The users faced problems with the camera application and there is a SIM card failure after installing the new software and many other issues has been reported within few days of the release.”

Many iPhone and iPad owners find that a quick reboot can take care of apps that crash or slow down. For more serious software concerns involving the iPhone, however, it would be best to turn to a Philadelphia cell phone repair expert from a company like Scorpion Computers who knows how to diagnose and troubleshoot Apple software and hardware problems. Any ill-informed DIY attempts to fix such a sophisticated piece of gadgetry can only do more harm than good.

Case in point: battery problems. If an iPhone 5 were to suddenly shut down on its own, it is easy to assume that a battery defect is to blame. However, the problem could be traced to apps installed on the phone, or even iOS itself, as these things consume battery power even when the device is turned off or on standby mode. The same is also true of other mobile devices, given that current battery designs can barely keep up with the ever-growing power demands of apps and device features, such as Bluetooth connectivity.

A blank iPad screen is even easier to misdiagnose because it can be traced to a myriad factors such as LCD damage, a corrupted iOS, and a major hardware problem. A factory reset isn’t always an effective solution, especially if the blank screen results from a short circuit. The best way to fix such an issue is to seek professional iPad repair in Philadelphia at a reputable repair center like Scorpion Computers.

(Source: iOS 7.1.2 Update Problems for iPhone, iPad began to trouble users, Wall Street OTC, July 5, 2014)