iPhone Freezing Up? Do these First before Seeking an iPhone Repair Pro

The iPhone was originally meant to be a do-all device that can help you both communicate and accomplish multiple tasks easily and efficiently. However, for all of its features, it can be rendered useless with a simple freeze-up. By then, placing calls, reading emails, and completing other important tasks would be a drag.

What causes an iPhone to freeze up, anyway? There’s a myriad of possible explanations for this. Like a desktop computer, your iPhone requires up-to-date software for it to function properly, which means that the freeze-up maybe due to your iOS being outdated. It can also be due to faulty hardware (by then it would require the expertise of the likes of a Philadelphia cell phone repair specialist), or a corrupted program entirely.

That said, there are a few things you can try to sort the problem out. First, try the quintessential “solution” for stuck-up electronic devices: turn it off and on again. You can easily perform a hard reset on your phone by holding the Sleep/Wake button simultaneously for at least 10 seconds, or until you see the screen cough up the Apple logo. This might be able to work since a restart tends to complete automatic updates or downloads of newly installed aps, reminiscent of why computers tend to restart after installing several software.

As previously said, faulty apps tend to take a toll on your iPhone’s performance, so you can focus on them when the restart proves futile. To sort out a hung-up app, you can choose to deliberately turn it off using the multitasking center. Simply tap the Home button twice, then swipe to either side until you find the faulty app. Close it by swiping it upwards off the screen and wait to see if the issues persist.

Still frozen and you’re already a bit desperate? You can choose to revert your phone to its original factory settings, provided that you have backed up your phone recently (as you may know, a factory reset deletes all files). Once you have a backup, restore your phone by connecting it to iTunes. In the program, open the Devices list, click Summary, and then Check for Update. If there’s an update, download it. Afterwards, click Restore, then follow the onscreen instructions4.

Is it still not working? For that, your best bet is to call in the pros, as there might be a bigger underlying problem that you’re not likely to fix anytime soon. You can always seek out professional iPhone repair from a local company like Scorpion Computers, which primarily serves Philadelphia and nearby locales.


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