Custom Built Computers

Custom Built ComputerWhen working with you on a custom build, we will consult with you to make sure all of your requirements are met. It is important that we understand exactly how you plan on using the future masterpiece we’ll create for you.

Perhaps you are looking for an advanced gaming system or maybe some extra horsepower for video editing or CPU-intensive tasks.

Whether you intend to use your new machine for home or office, you’ll find our support staff highly receptive to your ideas and will make recommendations accordingly to accomplish a perfect build.

We’ll go through a hardware checklist with you to address your core component needs to make sure they are in alignment with your goals. These include:

  • Processor Units
  • Graphics Card
  • Memory
  • Hard Drive

Custom-PCThe biggest argument AGAINST investing in a custom computer is that it isn’t worth it.

Because technology advances so fast in today’s computing environment, a common fear is that you’ll be stuck with outdated technology within a year or two.

We figured out a way to help and here at Scorpion Computers, we got your back!

It’s called 2-for-2. Not only do we warranty the equipment in your PC for 2 years, but we’ll also REPLACE 2 components in your computer within your desktop with newer ones, at no extra cost to you, within that 2-year period.

So, if in 2 years your processor and your motherboard become outdated, let us know and you’ll qualify for an instant upgrade, no questions asked!

We will replace your motherboard and your processor with better versions. And this works for any component inside your desktop!Hard Drive, Graphics Card, whatever!

Give us a call today for a FREE consult or simply click below to fill out a simple form and one of our build specialists will be in touch ASAP.

Are You Ready To Build Your Custom Computer?