Cell Phone Repair in Philadelphia: Staying Connected Through Apps

Along with millions of other people in the world, you probably can no longer remember the time when you went through a day without your smartphone or tablet. Nowadays, these have become much more than just devices for communications. With the availability of the Internet practically everywhere, smartphones and tablets are now being used for more purposes, including making online purchases, looking for information about anything and everything, and watching the latest episodes of favorite TV shows.

imageIn fact, according to mobile analytics firm Flurry, smartphone apps use in 2014 grew 76 percent over 2013, with shopping apps seeing a whopping 174% increase in use. Other apps that saw large user increases include those in utilities and productivity, and messaging and fitness. Games and music apps didn’t grow as much, but experts say this is most likely because their user base was already big to begin with.

According to research giant Nielsen, the top three smartphone apps for 2014 were Facebook, Google search, and YouTube, with other Google apps like Google Play, Google Maps, and Google+ also making it to the top ten.

The unprecedented rise in the use of smartphone apps only highlight how these mobile devices have become indispensable parts of our daily lives. It is not unheard of for people to panic when their phones start to malfunction or stop working, as going without their phones with all the apps they have downloaded can easily disrupt a normal day.

Locals who encounter problems with their phones can fortunately rely on Philadelphia cell phone repair experts like those at Scorpion Computers to restore their equipment back to normal at the soonest time possible.

It is not only their smartphones that people have come to rely on for their daily info, transactions, and entertainment needs–tablets provide these as well. While the popularity of tablets seems to be on the wane in recent years, judging by the sales of these units, Apple recently announced that customers spent a total of around one billion dollars on iPhone and iPad apps in the first week of January, 2015 alone.

The choice between a smartphone and a tablet often boils down to personal preference, and those who are more comfortable with tablets, or can’t do without both, can call on Philadelphia iPad repair services to handle any problems they may encounter with their units.

Smartphones and tablets will only continue to see growth in the future, with more apps that will make life a little more convenient and fun for everyone. Maintaining these units has become essential, and cell phone and tablet repair services have become an important part in this.

(Source: Smartphone App Use Rises 76 Percent in 2014 Thanks to Eager Shoppers, NBC News)

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