Cell Phone Repair: DIY Fixes for Your Phone Prior to a Repair Shop

If your iPhone or other smartphone is giving you trouble, then you know how frustrating it can be to work around technical problems or physical damage. Common problems like cracked screens, water damage, and home buttons not working can make it impossible to operate your cell phone. The good news is that there are some fairly quick fixes for these issues before you go to a cell phone repair shop in Philadelphia.

Cell Phone Repair: DIY Fixes for Your Phone Prior to a Repair Shop

Cell Phone Cracked Screens

One of the biggest reasons that customers seek out iPhone repair is because of a cracked screen glass on their smartphones. This is easy to diagnose, but unfortunately also easy to cause. There is no fix for a cracked screen. It has to be replaced. While you might simply ignore the broken screen, this is not recommended for several reasons. The cracked part may cut you. Besides this, in time the cracked screen will lead to more serious issues such as malfunctioning backlights, dead spots, discoloration, and dark spots on the screen.

Water Damage to Your Cell Phone

If you have ever dropped your cell phone in the toilet or pool, then you know first-hand how easily the internal circuitry of these smart phones is disrupted. Yet, there are some quick fixes that might save your phone.

Taking out the battery fast is the most critical step as the majority of these phones possess a white indicator around the battery that goes red or pink if water damages the phone. Getting moisture out of the phone is possible by covering it completely with the battery out and placed separately in a bag or bowl of rice or similar absorbent material for 12-24 hours.

You might also attempt to use a wet-dry vacuum cleaner in order to dry out the phone, but do not place the vacuum too near the phone. Occasionally cleaning your phone using rubbing alcohol will dry it out sufficiently if it did not remain in contact with the water for too long.

Problems with Home Buttons

When your home button is broken, you will lose the ability to even operate your smartphone. It might be something as simple as a sticky surface or dirt that has lodged itself in or around your phone’s home button. The best thing is to gently rub a cotton swab or tissue with 99% rubbing alcohol on it around the button itself.

If that is not effective, drip a few drops of the alcohol right on the home button. Next, push the home button so that the alcohol creeps in all around the button. Wipe down the surface then wait around fifteen minutes before you test the home button another time.

Alternatively, you might attempt to calibrate your phone. Open any pre-installed app like your calculator or clock. Press on the sleep button till you see the notification for the “slide to power off” appears. Then depress the home button and keep it down till you see the home screen reappear.

If that does not work, you might attempt to realign the home button by plugging up your charging connector, placing the phone down flat on its back, then pushing down on the connector to try to pop it back into place.

Still, if all those fixes wouldn’t work, then your iPhone or smartphone can no longer be revived through DIY methods. Your best option is to bring it to an iPhone repair center.

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