Philadelphia iPad Repair Important for the Growing Popularity of iPads

The Philadelphia Business Journal reported that the use of iPads in restaurants leads to greater tips. This is according to a study done by Software Advice, a resource for software research and reviews. The study found that, in addition, it can also influence the customers into buying additional items. The explanation is that people feel it’s easier to tip when using iPads. A behavioral researcher added that people don’t feel that they are paying at all when they tip with the iPad system.

iPads in restaurants lead to higher tips, says study, Philadelphia Business Journal, Feb. 20, 2015

Private businesses aren’t the only ones that can make good use of iPads. There are also several potential advantages of iPad use in educational institutions. Schools can turn paperless as teachers can just provide e-books, which also has the added benefit of students bringing lighter bags to school. Furthermore, Apple has a lot of educational apps and other resources, many of them free.

However, more than the examples above, iPads and other mobile devices are almost always for personal use. Browsing the Web, playing games, using social media, watching online streaming channels—people spend hours every day on their mobile devices. These technological miracles are now indispensable parts of people’s daily lives.


Some people have grown dependent on mobile devices to the point that an empty battery is a nightmare. That seems exaggerated, and might make you think of teenagers breaking down because they can’t update their friends about what they’re eating via Facebook or Instagram. However, there are also people who use their devices for really important tasks such as contacting business partners, checking their shop inventories, communicating with loved ones, and many others.

If an empty battery is a nightmare, then a broken device is more so. While these devices are highly advanced and well engineered, they are not invincible. When problems manifest, one will need a Philadelphia cell phone repair or iPad repair specialist to get a unit back on track.


When problems that compromise the usability of a device emerge, DIY troubleshooting won’t suffice and can only make matters worse. While bringing it to the brand’s center is a viable option, this is a pricey choice. Fortunately, you can bring your unit to Philadelphia iPad repair firms such as Scorpion Computers to receive repairs of the same quality and turnaround speed but for a much better price.

(Source: iPads in restaurants lead to higher tips, says study, Philadelphia Business Journal, Feb. 20, 2015)

The Importance of Expert Philadelphia Computer Repair for Mac Problems

Mac sales are predicted to rise by 10 to 15 percent this year while PC sales are expected to drop, according to an article in Technology Tell, a web resource for the latest information on different aspects of technology. This further reinforces how much computers have become indispensable parts of most people’s daily lives, whether they are used for personal or professional purposes.

 Mac sales expected to rise through 2015, Techology Tell, Feb. 25, 2015

With the central roles that computers play in daily life, just the thought of breakdowns scare many people. A sudden problem that renders the device unusable can cause a major setback, especially to those who use their devices for business.

Computer Repair

Problems may be in the hardware (e.g. components frying due to overheating) or in the software (e.g. malware infections). As with every other bit of technology, Apple computers are vulnerable to viruses and other types of malware. Basic troubleshooting procedures can only take you so far; for bigger problems, they won’t be enough.

When problems manifest, even those that don’t make the computer completely unusable, you will need Philadelphia computer repair services. It is not advisable to carry out repairs by yourself, as it is quite risky and you may end up doing more damage to the computer. One such danger is ESD (electrostatic discharge), which can take place when you open up a computer and touch a metal component; in addition to you being shocked, the component you touched may no longer work.

As such, you’d always be better off taking your computer to a specialist in PC or Mac repair in Philadelphia. While this can be done by technicians from the respective brands’ dealer shops, you’ll find that independent specialists such as those working with Scorpion Computers can repair your Mac or other devices with the same quality of work as those from the brands’ dealers.

Repair specialists have the versatility and level of expertise to handle computer repairs for a wide range of devices, including desktop PCs, Mac desktop and laptop computers, game consoles, and even mobile devices such as iPads and smartphones. Thus, you can get the same speed and quality of repair for a much better price.

(Source: Mac sales expected to rise through 2015, Techology Tell, Feb. 25, 2015)

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