Philadelphia Computer Store – Since 1997

Matthew-WojtekScorpion Computers is a Philadelphia computer repair store founded in 2007 by Wojtek Paciorek and Matthew Protasewicz. We are proud to offer PC, Gaming and Smartphone repair services as well as IT solutions to the greater Philadelphia area. We specialize in computer repair services for consumers and small to medium size businesses and are located in the Port Richmond section of the city.

Our goal is to provide top-notch repair service, unmatched customer service, competitive pricing and quick turn around times. We know how frustrating it can be to go without your computer for days even weeks while you wait for a repair just to get it back and experience the same or similar problems all over again.

Have you ever taken your computer for repair to a big chain store? You’ve probably waited in a long line to deal with some kid at the counter that can’t answer your questions, won’t remember your name and probably doesn’t really care about you or your computer?

At Scorpion Computers, you’re dealing directly with the owners when you use our services. We are passionate about what we do and your complete satisfaction is our only goal. To that end, we will do whatever it takes to answer your questions, solve your problems and do so in as quick and friendly a manner as possible. We care about YOU and your COMPUTER and value your business!

Meet The Owners:

WojtekWojtek was originally born in Poland but has resided in the USA since 1992. He is a graduate of Frankford High School class of 1996 and was a student at Penn State University as well. After attending college for sometime, Wojtek wasn’t sure about what he wanted to do with his life but he had a passion for aviation.

It took a few years for Wojtek to act on this passion at first entertaining the idea of becoming a pilot. After the realization of how hard this milestone may be to achieve, he decided to do the next best thing, which was aviation mechanics. In 1998 he enrolled at the Quaker City Institute of Aviation and in 2000 received his certificate.

After 9/11, the nature of the airline Industry changed forever. Wojtek persevered through all the changes and cutbacks fixing planes for the next 7 years for major airlines such as United and USAir before he threw in the towel. In his own words, “After working on airplanes, computers are a piece of cake”.  You literally have an airplane mechanic working on your computer when you bring it to Scorpion!

Matthew was also born in Poland and came to the USA in 2001.Before his arrival, he completed an electronics program at the Technical University of Gdansk in 1997. Following his graduation, he opened Spider Computers, a computer retail and service center complete with a cyber café with 18 computer stations, each one set-up and individually maintained by Matt personally.

Like Wojtek, Matt had a dream to come to America in pursuit of new experiences. He already had the entrepreneurial spirit and the know-how to be his own boss and run a successful business. Combined with his technical expertise, he teamed up with Wojtek to launch Scorpion Computers within the first year he was in the country.

The unique talents of both Matt and Wojtek combined create a technical team unequaled in the computer repair business. This is why Scorpion Computers is the leader in computer repair, smartphone repair, gaming console repair and IT services. Not only does the team strive to deliver a technically perfect repair, but when combined with quick turn around times, affordability and superior customer service, this makes Scorpion a standout from the competition.