Cell Phone Repair in Philadelphia will Protect your iPhone 5s Battery

The iPhone 5s keeps things going among the members of Apple’s iPhone family. Some of your friends may even have bought that and the now-discontinued 5/5C when they first came out, but will not hold their breath on getting the iPhone 6 just yet. Even so, you may have heard about problems with the recent iOS updates, as an article in Youth Health noted last November 11, 2014.

The Youth Health article focused on the update from iOS7.1.1 to 7.1.2, which had a raft of new features. These include restricting wrong password attempts for the locking mode, better connectivity with iBeacon, bug fixes, and enhanced data protection for email attachments.

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Computer Repair in Philadelphia Puts Your Business on the Right Track

Nearly every small business owner in America will have at least one computer to keep better track of their expenses and other functions. You might be using some business-management programs on your home PC. The problem with such a setup, according to Kyle Jasinski of Business 2 Community, is that there are issues you must prepare for that can require your computer to be professionally serviced.

Some people claim that Philadelphia is supposedly not a good place to establish a small business. For those who did well taking the leap of faith though, keeping their business computers in top shape may not quite be a priority. That’s where professionals at computer repair in Philadelphia like Scorpion Computers can offer their services at stopping some red flags.

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iPad and Cell Phone Repair in Philadelphia Faces Unstoppable Demands

People’s love for Apple is becoming increasingly more pervasive as new models arrive on the market one after another. Recent rumors discuss a new iPad—commonly referred to as iPad Pro—looming as the popularity of its smaller predecessors, iPad Air and iPad Mini, is starting to simmer down. Although Apple eyes a 2015 release of iPad Pro, iPad fanatics have long been ready to get and experience them first. Read more

Philadelphia Computer Repair: How to Protect Your Laptop from Winter

It’s almost time for winter. You’re not worried about yourself because you’ve been going through this every year and you’re well-prepared. You’ve got your coat, umbrella, and snowshoes—you even have cold and flu medicine stored, ensuring that the winter months will just be like any regular day of the year for you.

How about your new laptop though? Have you prepared it for the coming cold weather as well? Freezing temperatures can damage your electronic device, and if you’re like most people who heavily rely on their computer, losing your device to the harsh effects of the cold can be nothing short of devastating. Read more