Malware and Jailbreaks: Get Help from Philadelphia iPad Repair Experts

Few dare to challenge the iOS by leaving their “calling cards.” Viruses and malware are more likely to hit PC-based software than Mac-based ones, given that more people use PC than Mac. This doesn’t mean that Apple devices are immune to whatever hackers and malicious programmers can throw their way. After all, in 2012, Apple itself had retracted its earlier claim to this effect. Read more

Philadelphia Computer Repair Experts are Ready for the New Mac Pro

When looking at the new Mac Pro, you may find yourself asking, “Is this a state-of-the-art PC or an odd soda can?” At an eighth of the size of its bulkier predecessor, the second-gen Mac Pro can be carried anywhere and hooked to any monitor or laptop. At $2,999, however, the Mac Pro carries one of the heftiest price tags in the computer market. Read more