Prioritize Cell Phone Repair in Philadelphia and Other Areas Over Buying New Units



Among all the gadgets people use, the mobile phone is perhaps the most utilized. This also makes the item very prone to damages caused by accidental falls on the ground and water spills, among others. But if you are the type who opts to replace a phone immediately after it is damaged, better think twice as you may be spending unnecessarily.

An article sharing the views of Angie’s List owner Angie Hicks posted on stressed the importance of evaluating your phone’s damages before deciding to replace them with a new one.
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Tech Writer Advises Checking Cost for Computer Repair in Philadelphia

important-questions-to-ask-a-computer-repair-serviceFreelance technology writer Tim Fisher discussed cost as the first of several considerations that people should look into when searching for a good provider of computer repair in Philadelphia and other places. In his article on, Fisher listed questions as well as their expected answers to help guide consumers towards finding repair shops that will fix their computer issues while giving them optimal value for the service.

Asking the cost of a service seems like a question you’d be unlikely to forget but I am always amazed by stories of customers in absolute shock at the hourly rate for a particular computer repair service – after the fact.

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Tips for Getting More Affordable Cell Phone Repair in Philadelphia


In “The Reign of the Fragile Smartphone to End”, the New Zealand website Stuff ponders why our pricey smartphones aren’t sturdier. Jenneth Orantia brings up an interesting point about smartphones: the more powerful they are, the more fragile they become. In other words, more brains, less brawn.

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