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There are plenty of reasons for you to call for computer repair in Philadelphia anyway, and some of these are bound to happen the more you use your PC or laptop. Computer processing speed gradually slows down the more programs you install and the older your hardware gets. Defective hardware can result in your computer freezing big time or crashing, i.e., seeing that Windows Blue Screen of Death, which may require professional intervention.

Even Apple products aren’t immune to these kinds of problems, which is why Scorpion Computers also offers iPhone and Mac repair in Philadelphia. So, if you encounter any problems with your gizmos, don’t hesitate to pay us a visit!

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On Choosing Reliable Trouble-free Cell Phone Repair in Philadelphia

Industry NewsA post on the Gadgetsteria website dated July 31, 2013 discusses the problems linked with the iPhone 5’s screen. Many users find themselves accidentally breaking the screens of their phones and have considered having them repaired. However, Apple is charging as much as $159 or $149 for a replacement screen, which is almost equivalent to purchasing a new iPhone 5 with plan coverage.

iPhones are extremely popular cellular phones, but they’re also one of the most expensive to purchase and maintain. While this fact doesn’t stop some Philadelphia locals from buying the phones, even a simple fix can prove to be rather costly. Fortunately, there are more than a few third party service centers that offer affordable cell phone repair in Philadelphia.

Apple is very strict when it comes to maintaining the warranty on their phones. According to the company’s warranty agreement, any form of third party tampering or repair on their iPhones will void the warranty completely. This clause was added by Apple to discourage attempts by some users to jailbreak their devices.

To make sure that customers haven’t been tampering with their phones, Apple’s service team has been trained to detect any signs of access. Even the slightest hint of wear in the screws can convince the team that the phone has been tampered with. However, the company’s warning and extremely strict regulations do little to deter the many customers who refuse to shell out a fortune just to replace the screens of their phones.

Many online gadget gurus are suggesting to their fellow customers to try bringing their phones to third party companies that specialize in iPhone repair in Philadelphia, such as Scorpion Computers. The trick, according to some of them, is to find a repair center that knows what it’s doing. Users can simply choose an expert repair service that can make a clean and flawless replacement job—and yet charge so much less; following online discussion threads on iPhone issues should yield the names of shops or service centers that come highly recommended by users who have had the same problems.

Apple’s iPhone may be one of the most beloved digital devices to date, but its high costs and pricey maintenance can seriously dampen the joy of owning one. Users who aren’t afraid of voiding their warranties can try sending their cracked phones to a third party repair center. It may not be official, but it surely beats having to pay as much as $150.

On Turning to Reliable Providers of Computer Repair in Philadelphia

Industry NewsAn article posted on the official site of The Consumerist last August 15, 2013 details the unfortunate circumstances of a contributing reader named Chris. He had purchased a laptop from a popular computer company with a 3-year warranty attached to it; the warranty came in handy when the connection between the screen and the base of the laptop began to weaken. However, Chris’ laptop was put on “billable hold” after he had mailed the damaged laptop back; as of the article’s writing, he has yet to receive his computer.

While there’s no doubting the authenticity of official repair services covered by warranties, scenarios like Chris’ often happen, leaving many customers dissatisfied with the service. Regions big on computers, like Philadelphia, might want to seek reliable and satisfactory help elsewhere. It’s a good thing that there are numerous shops that offer convenient computer repair in Philadelphia, like Scorpion Computers.

Chris was initially told by the manufacturer that he could simply mail the laptop to them, and that they’d only take a week to fix the laptop. However, six weeks had passed, and he has yet to recover his laptop from the company. Worse, not only did the company put the laptop on “billable hold,” but the computer also suffered from a supposed “parts shortage”. The laptop had repeatedly changed hands with the repair center five times. Chris could only helplessly trace the status of his laptop via the service center’s website.

To make matters even worse for Chris, the service center had no contact details available save for a phone number. Yet even the phone number proved unreliable, as the people on the other side of the line referred him to the website, which did little to help him. Chris now regrets purchasing a laptop from the company due to the poor service he’s receiving.

Those who don’t want to experience the same thing as Chris should remember that official service centers aren’t the only place to have your computers fixed. There are many Philadelphia computer repair centers run by independent retailers that consumers can turn to. Most of these businesses are very reliable, and will gladly give their customers a genuine update on the status of repairs.

Chris’ experience should be a lesson to all computer and laptop users; it’s important to take a company’s after-sales service into consideration. Warranties aren’t one hundred percent guaranteed to solve your problems. It would be better for consumers to simply rely upon third-party help for repairs.