Computer Repair in Philadelphia Puts Your Business on the Right Track

Nearly every small business owner in America will have at least one computer to keep better track of their expenses and other functions. You might be using some business-management programs on your home PC. The problem with such a setup, according to Kyle Jasinski of Business 2 Community, is that there are issues you must prepare for that can require your computer to be professionally serviced.

Some people claim that Philadelphia is supposedly not a good place to establish a small business. For those who did well taking the leap of faith though, keeping their business computers in top shape may not quite be a priority. That’s where professionals at computer repair in Philadelphia like Scorpion Computers can offer their services at stopping some red flags.

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iPad and Cell Phone Repair in Philadelphia Faces Unstoppable Demands

People’s love for Apple is becoming increasingly more pervasive as new models arrive on the market one after another. Recent rumors discuss a new iPad—commonly referred to as iPad Pro—looming as the popularity of its smaller predecessors, iPad Air and iPad Mini, is starting to simmer down. Although Apple eyes a 2015 release of iPad Pro, iPad fanatics have long been ready to get and experience them first. Read more

Philadelphia Computer Repair: How to Protect Your Laptop from Winter

It’s almost time for winter. You’re not worried about yourself because you’ve been going through this every year and you’re well-prepared. You’ve got your coat, umbrella, and snowshoes—you even have cold and flu medicine stored, ensuring that the winter months will just be like any regular day of the year for you.

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Do You Know CPR? Philadelphia Cell Phone Repair Tips for Wet Phones

Smartphone manufacturers are starting to catch on to the fact that the phones we own need to be compatible with the lifestyle we live. For the more active and “outdoorsy” people, manufacturers have steadily been designing waterproof smartphones. list down ten of the more popular ones for Android. Read more

Philadelphia Computer Repair Experts Share Tips When Reformatting

For the most part, computer speed is dictated by its processor and how much RAM it has. However, even gaming computers that emphasize speed can bog down due to fragmented files or a nasty computer virus. In such cases, you may be better off starting from scratch and reformatting your hard drive. Read more

Computer Repair in Philadelphia: Tidying Up Your Computer Registry

Your computer’s registry is a very important component of its functions, and a key contributor to its overall health or performance. Unfortunately, the files in your registry are highly susceptible to damage and may be easily corrupted, so cleaning it should be done on a regular basis to ensure your computer stays in optimal working condition.
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Problems that Require Philadelphia Cell Phone Repair: On Overheating

Your smartphone is working perfectly fine, allowing you to browse and call as you go around Philly. But after an overnight charging session, you notice that it seems to be heating up and draining quite quickly. Shortly thereafter, you’ll end up talking to a Philadelphia cell phone repair pro, wondering what could have gone wrong. What you might not know is that overheating is one of the most common causes of cell phone trouble.
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Effective Philadelphia Computer Repair Tips for the Hardcore Gamer

So you’re right in the perfect kill-zone, rampaging your way through hordes of goblins as you stomp your way through the far-off realm of Azeroth, when suddenly the network slows to a crawl, culminating in a lag that eventually crashes your game. What do you do? Do you sit and froth with impotent rage, or do you run through your Philly neighborhood, looking for a trusty Philadelphia computer repair store? Hopefully, you’re planning on doing the latter, but before you do so, there are a few troubleshooting tips you might want to try on your own.

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Philadelphia Computer Repair – Solving the Sony Vaio Fit Wi-Fi Problem

One of the most annoying and perplexing problems a laptop owner can face is having a strong wireless signal, but a weak or no internet connection. Unlike issues such as dropped wireless signals or not having a wireless connection, when you have a strong wireless signal, you’d think your browsing and downloads should be running at optimum speed. So why is it that you can’t seem to connect to the Internet? Do you need to call in a Philadelphia computer repair expert soon?

Philadelphia Computer Repair – Solving the Sony Vaio Fit Wi-Fi Problem

If you own a Sony Vaio Fit, then the problem might not be with your Wi-Fi connection, but the device itself. More particularly, with the Broadcom card it uses. A TechSpot article by Shawn Knight, a TechSpot staff, provides more info on this widespread issue:

“Several people have come forward to report wireless problems with select Sony Vaio notebooks – particularly the Vaio Fit – over the past few months. Issues range from capped speeds over Wi-Fi to signal strength significantly diminishing the further the system is from a router.

One of the most prominent threads on Sony’s support forum seems to suggest the issue stems from the Broadcom wireless card inside the machine. One user reported a max signal strength of just two bars with speed tests resulting in just 1MB/sec download speeds and anywhere between 1-5MB/sec upload.

Sony issued a series of updates for the wireless card about a week ago according to Vaio Fit owners but these did little to quell the connection issues. Multiple users said they have contacted customer support and have been offered numerous fixes – most of which didn’t work.”

Growing frustrated with Sony’s lack of response, some Vaio Fit users started to take things into their own hands, which meant they replaced their Broadcom cards with off-the-shelf Wi-Fi cards. Those who replaced their Vaio Fit’s Broadcom card reported a significant improvement in the Wi-Fi performance of their laptops.

If you want your Broadcom card replaced in your Vaio Fit laptop but don’t know how to do so, or you’re experiencing other glitches with your gadget, Philadelphia computer repair experts from trusted companies like Scorpion Computers will gladly take care of the job for you. You don’t even need to take your device to their location—these trustworthy centers offer remote computer repair services including malware removal, home wireless network setup, and PC optimization for your convenience.

(Source: Widespread reports of Sony Vaio notebook Wi-Fi issues, TechSpot, September 5, 2013)

Consider Philadelphia Cell Phone Repair for Damaged Locked-in Phones

While many problems and concerns with smartphones and mobile tablets are largely due to the carelessness of owners, there are cases where the reliability of the phone is questionable. Certain studies have been done to evaluate the durability of phone brands, and some names fared better than others. Read more