More Philadelphia Phone Owners Might Be Needing Cell Phone Repair

Dropping your cell phone often comes with that feeling of shock and dread, as you fervently hope it is still intact when you pick it up. Unfortunately, phones are not always spared from the effects of a fall, and you just might find yourself having to deal with a broken screen, and perhaps, a few other damages. Read more

Regular Computer Repair and Upgrade: Keep Your Business PCs Running

Businesses in Philadelphia and elsewhere depend a lot on computers nowadays for nearly all facets of their operations. Small businesses, for example, will need at least one PC to be used for accounting and bookkeeping processes, as well as to get access to the Internet, but a few more units will certainly be needed as the business grows. Read more

When your Way ‘Home’ is in Need of Extensive Cell Phone Repair Service

The iPhone is often touted as one of the most user-friendly smartphone on the market today. It only has one button on the face – the Home button – to light up the touch screen. Even having just one button, however, could warrant the need for repair services regardless of which model you use, Sharon Profis of CNET states. Read more

When Computer Repair Options Require Changing to New Graphics Cards

Some situations with your computer may revolve around issues with the graphics card. The screen glitches out or sometimes fades to black altogether. Although such things can call for computer repair through Philadelphia outfits, such as Scorpion Computers, it may require replacing the current one with a brand-new unit. Before you go for replacement, here are some pointers you need to know about an upgrade. Read more

Philadelphia iPad Repair: The Science behind Cracked iPad Screens

Have you ever wondered why some people who drop their iPads or smartphones find their screens miraculously intact while others watch them get shattered completely? While most would attribute the screen’s fate to good or bad luck, the reason why some screens break and others don’t can actually be explained by science. Services that offer iPad repair in Philadelphia give us a look: Read more

Philadelphia Mac Repair: Dealing with Nerve-Wracking Mac Problems

Not all computers are expected to perform the way they did the first time you bought them, and Mac laptops are no exception to this. There will come a time when your Mac, whether operating on Lion or Mountain Lion (or even on Snow Leopard), will be plagued by common minor problems. Read on for a look at these problems and how Philadelphia Mac repair services advise dealing with them. Read more

Philadelphia Cell Phone Repair Technicians on the Usual iPhone Issues

With the huge influence of technology on today’s generation, a number of people have been utilizing one of the industry’s greatest achievements—smartphones, with their outstanding features, convenience, and portability. In relation to this, different mobile manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, and HTC unceasingly improve their products to keep pace with their consumers’ demands, deeming it crucial to their success. Read more

Seeking Philadelphia Computer Repair Services for Hard Drive Failures

Your computer’s hard drive is the soul of your computer. Your hard drive holds and keeps everything, including your photo albums, important document files, music albums, and many others. Of all the electronic components in your computer, the hard drive is among the few mechanical components that is most susceptible to damage and failures. Read more

When Computer Repair in Philadelphia helps Fire Up Your Gaming Rig

You’d mostly want to de-stress after work by going out or playing a few rounds on a PC game. A part of you, however, may think the rig should be better equipped to handle some of the newest games coming out, or those you may have missed for some time. Peter Brown stressed as much in his article for Gamespot.
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Cell Phone Repair in Philadelphia will Protect your iPhone 5s Battery

The iPhone 5s keeps things going among the members of Apple’s iPhone family. Some of your friends may even have bought that and the now-discontinued 5/5C when they first came out, but will not hold their breath on getting the iPhone 6 just yet. Even so, you may have heard about problems with the recent iOS updates, as an article in Youth Health noted last November 11, 2014.

The Youth Health article focused on the update from iOS7.1.1 to 7.1.2, which had a raft of new features. These include restricting wrong password attempts for the locking mode, better connectivity with iBeacon, bug fixes, and enhanced data protection for email attachments.

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